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Holly Hughes is an American photographic artist who works and lives in Sedona, Arizona. Currently, Holly shoots with a Canon Mark II 35mm digital camera and utilizes Adobe products for the developing and production of her artworks. Holly utilizes commercials labs for her large printing onto aluminum panels and prints her fine art from her printers. Hughes began exhibiting her fine art photography in juried art shows since 2012 in Palm Springs, CA. Not long ago, she moved to Sedona, AZ in 2015 and in March of 2016 purchased a custom framing business located at 51Bell Rock Plaza Sedona, AZ 86351. Holly transformed the shop into her design studio for custom framing and her petite art gallery. As a designer and artist, Holly transforms studio interactions into a fine art experience with her customers.

Hughes studied traditional film photography at TCC in Hurst, Texas with professor Richard Doherty of Dallas, Texas. While at TCC, she was an award winning photo student and published. In 1999, Holly launched her professional photography career covering weddings, portraiture, events, and sports. Holly was published in a local newspaper for her sports coverage. Between 1999-2005, Holly’s fine art photo works included commissioned photo collage art for school programs and customers. Holly’s studies were ongoing; “Mastering the Light” while attending Texas School of Professional Photography at Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas and a member of Texas Professional Photographers Association Inc.

Her fascination with photography began in a junior high school darkroom developing and printing pictures she had taken. The family collection of black and white photos and slides peaked her interest in photography and later on she launched a career as a skilled photographer and currently works as a photographic artist.

As a young girl, the world of photography grew on her as she loved looking at the black and white pictures and slide shows her father had taken while the family of ten lived in South Vietnam 1963-1965. Holly knows the value of photographic images which record beauty, history, life, and thus, she eventually became a professional photographer.

Each decade has brought years of varied experiences and opportunities to capture images and expand her abilities as an artist.

Motherhood is an important and treasured part of Holly’s life. She raised two sons and a daughter. Capturing their childhood, sports events, and life on film was an intricate part of her developing skill as a photographer. As a volunteer and sponsor, Holly covered school events for yearbooks, PTA, and team sports whether her children were directly involved or not. Holly created and donated a sports scholarship for a local high school through her work as a photographer. Her son Michael, and daughter Laura (both talented young artists) worked along side Holly during her portrait and wedding jobs. Laura went on later to graduate in 2012 from UT Austin in film studies. There is nothing like the love and support family members can give one another on their journey in life. Holly affirms, she owes a debt of gratitude to her children Phil, Michael and Laura forever.

Once her children completed college in 2012, Holly returned to her love of photography and focused on digital photography. Switching from traditional film to digital was long overdue. Holly attended Brooks Institute located in Santa Barbara, CA for Photography workshops to hone her skills with digital processing and developing. Stunned by the closure of the Institute in 2016 she feels fortunate to have attended their institution. Read Article

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"In any art, we all deal with the same basic things. An emotional or artistic expression occurs only when an artist presents us with a vision that is strictly their own. When one does, they open new doors for us to places we didn’t suspect existed."
- Alan Wood-Thomas

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